mapping and modeling

Aerial UAV Survey

Our survey partnerships allows us to provide fast and reliable survey through the use of Aerial UAV/Drone mapping technology. Combined with traditional survey methods, this process is highly-efficient and allows us to operate on a much higher level of accuracy in design. In utilizing these methods, we are also able to provide beautiful before and after photos of your project along with aerial fly-through at any point during construction. Drone surveying also allows for fast and accurate comparisons of materials utilized during construction and is a great way to perform volume analysis of a site.

3D Modeling

Technology continues to be a driving force in our industry and we are experts in the latest tools available. We design every project in 3D in order to avoid costly conflicts that are easily overlooked in a traditional 2D design. Our models can provide valuable insight and help visualize our design concepts in a view-friendly format. We are able to navigate these models in meetings in order to provide the most up-to-date progress snapshots of our work.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

As technology changes, so do the methods for gathering and documenting crime scene data. Many agencies are now relying on complex laser and/or photo scanning equipment to document a crime scene in-lieu of traditional survey methods. These devices are capable of collecting millions of data points around a crime scene, which can then be rendered in scanning software to produce a completely virtual copy of the site. This virtual environment is a highly accurate 3D reconstruction and allows the user to navigate as if they were present at the time of first response. With this model, any number of high-definition images, fly-through videos, and measurements can be taken to provide insight that may not have been attainable through traditional photos and sketches.

Hydraulic Modeling

We can perform a variety of analyses to suit your project needs. We are experienced in stormwater runoff, sanitary sewer, and water system modeling. We utilize a combination of software and traditional calculation methods to ensure the accuracy of our findings. Our visualization tools will also help understand the impacts of our design in an easy to read manner.